tisdag 18 januari 2011

Prins Carl - blogspot.com

Myspace has turned to shit so this will be our new home! (Our myspace will still be up so you can listen to the songs there but no more updates on myspace)

Prins Carl are ready to make 2011 the best "Prins Carl year" yet!

We have a new member in Micke Ringström and we are all ready for gigs and the "New Order" release. The release of  "New Order" has started and will be up on Spotify, iTunes, MyspaceMusic, Amazon, Nokia, Facebook, Tesco, Play.com, CDon.com, Expert, Netmusic.dk and many more in the 5-6 weeks to come...

And the CD release for "New Order" will also come in 2011!

Gigs booked fo far is:

Uppsala (Williams pub) 29 jan 2011 w/ 2pint
Västerås (Sigurdsgatan 25) 5 feb 2011 w/ The Flints and First of Many
Göteborg (Truckstop Alaska) 14 maj 2011 w/ The Bristles and more

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