måndag 2 januari 2017

lördag 26 november 2016

Release date

Our new LP  "Bow to no one!" will be released on December 17 in the USA by Rebel Sound Rec. European release is set for December 19 on Noise Of Sweden.

torsdag 4 augusti 2016

Du you want to co-release our album?

Later this fall Noise Of Sweden and Rebel Sound (US) are going to release our next album.
The record will be shipped to the pressing plant in a near future but before that they wanted to see if
any label have any intrest in co-release this album with them?
for more detailes click the link below.

onsdag 15 juni 2016

The LP is ready for press

The EP which became a LP is finally done and will soon be sent to press. Stay tuned for release date. Cheers!

tisdag 15 mars 2016

söndag 27 september 2015

Lost and found songs

This is two forgotten songs that we rediscovered when we found our first demo

lördag 18 juli 2015

Gig in Hamburg. St.Pauli Skinheads

See you soon FC St. Pauli fans. Next gig will be in Hamburg at the Millerntor-stadion/ Fanräume. GEGEN NAZIS! Cheers

lördag 25 april 2015

måndag 2 februari 2015

"WAKE UP" on spotify

The EP "WAKE UP" will be available on spotify February 12th.
And for you who want the real deal (VINYL) can buy it from
 noiseofsweden bandworm rebelsound

onsdag 14 januari 2015

fredag 9 januari 2015


We are glad to announce that we will do at least one gig in Germany this summer! 

söndag 14 december 2014

lördag 6 december 2014

World premier of "WAKE UP"

Tune in on STENCHRADIO on monday  December 8th at 7 p.m CST. World premier of "WAKE UP" (All four songs) and an interview hith Johan and Björn.

lördag 22 november 2014

T-shirts at Bandworm Rec

You can now buy our logo t-shirt from Bandworm Rec. Just Click at the link to visit the website Prins Carl merch at Bandworm