torsdag 20 januari 2011

The CD Release For Our Album "New Order"

Our Album "New Order" will be released on CD by Noise of Sweden (Ted -!!!
It will be released in 500 copys and the release day will hopefully be sometime in Mars 2011! (More info about that later)

You will get a copy for 80kr + postage (For wholesale prices get in contact with Ted -

The tracks on "New Order" are:

1. 1460s
2. Rockposers
3. They Won't Let Ya'
4. Where Are You Goin'
5. ...Of Today
6. Wonderful World
7. Carnival In Greece
8. Friend Enemy
9. Don't Need Love
10. Fat Bastard
11. Hangover
12. Victim Of Hatred
13. Criminals In Blue

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